Agency Agreement


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A. The Principal carries on the business described in the Schedule (the “Business”) and has decided to appoint the Agent to act as a representative for the purpose set out during the period set out in Part A of the Schedule (the “Term”) and on the terms contained in this Agency Agreement.

B. The Agent has agreed to act as an agent of the Principal for the consideration on the terms set out in this Agency Agreement for the following advertising platforms
• Website Development
• Social Media Marketing & Management
• Google Advertising / PPC
• Search Engine Optimisation

C. The Agent and has entered into this agreement for the purpose of guaranteeing to the Principal the due and punctual performance by the Agent of this agreement and to provide his/her own undertakings and promises to the Principal.


1.1. The Principal hereby appoints the Agent for the Purpose during the Term to provide the services as set out in Part A of the Schedule (the “Services”) to the Principal with the express powers (the “Powers”) to so act as set out in Part A of the Schedule. The Agent hereby accepts its appointment as exclusive agent of the Principal for the Purpose and to provide the Services during the Term Part B in the schedule and acknowledges that its authority to act as Agent is limited to those Powers set out of the Schedule

1.2. This appointment does not create any relationship between the Principal and the Agent other than the agency relationship as created by this Agreement. In particular there is no joint venture, partnership, or employment relationship between the Principal and the Agent.

2.1. The Agent represents to the Principal that:
2.1.1. it is competent, experienced and has suitably qualified staff including the Director who are able to properly, lawfully and efficiently provide all the services as and when required during the term of the agreement;
2.1.2. it is able to act as the Principal’s agent for the purpose during the term;
2.1.3. The Powers are sufficient to enable the Agent to perform the Services and thereby achieve the Purpose; and
2.1.4. it is not currently acting for or in any way involved contractually or otherwise with any competitor of the Principal.

Part A – Services & Product Offerings
• Google Advertising – PPC Campaign Management
• Custom Website Development and Maintenance
• Search Engine Optimisation and Maintenance (SEO)
• Social Media Marketing and Community Management

Part B – The Term of the Agency Agreement
• The initial agency agreement and contract is valid for a minimum period of 6 months, thereafter a month-to-month agreement will be in place unless otherwise agreed.

Part C – Finance

• The Agency will raise its first invoice prior to this agreement activating.
• The Agency will raise a monthly invoice as agreed below on or around the 20th of each Month during the term of this agreement.
• The Agency administration fee is included within the budget agreed upon below.
• The Principle agrees to pay said invoices on or before the last working day of the same month of which the invoice is raised to ensure campaigns remain active.

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