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Rank higher on Google with engaging, creative, and informative copywriting personally crafted for your business that clients cannot stop reading.

We only produce content that is worth reading which includes using keywords written in a natural way while communicating your brands’ tone and message plus optimising your SEO Google Search Ranking.

Our talented SEO Copywriter takes the time to understand your business and adjust their writing style to fit your brand.

Compelling SEO Copywriting Services – Our copywriter will help grow your business with powerful and effective top-quality copy. Your content should seek to answer a specific question and answer it. Our SEO Copywriter will ask, “how can I make this page the most helpful page on this topic?”

Do you need your website re-written? Need a blog, a company profile, a proposal, or a press release?

Stand out from the Competition – Midnight Monkey’s copywriter is at your service today. Creating beautifully tailored content for your website or blog is time-consuming, especially when you are busy running a business.

However, it is necessary for increasing organic traffic to your website and eventually increasing leads and ultimately  increasing your rankings on google. That is why we do everything from assisting with trending topics, research, website copy to creating monthly blogs for clients in different industries.

copywriting and SEO services [Midnight Monkey]

Our Tech Stack

copywriting and SEO services [Midnight Monkey]

Our expert copywriter is the sharpest, most professional copywriter around and constantly finds time to grow her skills and knowledge. We will take time to get to know your brand, so we have a feeling for your corporate image, writing personality, and tone of voice before we start writing.

We have written exceptional copy for successful brands, corporates, and agencies around the world. Get in touch and we will do the same for yours.

Our copywriter is analytical, innovative, and versatile and can write copy from technical software developers to printing, to wellness to business.

Check out our Blog for an example of our copywriting skills or connect with us on Facebook. 

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